People Getting Started 2008

  1. Net Migration

    Net Migration data about the rate of migration per 1,000 population was derived by comparing the addresses supplied on personal income tax returns filed in the spring of 2005 and 2006.
  2. Starting Out as a Youth and Graduate

    The prevailing belief is that many of our young people leave the region for a post secondary education and many do not return to the region because they find employment and opportunities using their education and skills in larger urban areas.
  3. Starting Out as a Child

    The presence of child care services and supports for children and their parents or caregivers is a measure of the success of a region in giving children an early good start.
  4. Starting Out as a Refugee or Immigrant

    Refugees enter Canada at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge point of entry to seek asylum from war, persecution of genocide or to flee famine and natural disasters. Other immigrants enter to reunite with families and to seek new opportunities.
  5. Introduction to Getting Started

    A region or city is enhanced when a new child, a new graduate or a new immigrant makes a start in their community. How we welcome them, help them to get established and include them and their contributions is a measure of our community’s vitality, inclusiveness and future sustainability and...