Transportation & Mobility 2008

  1. Busy Transportation Routes Through Niagara

    The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) is the major trade corridor from the Greater Toronto Area to the Niagara Region and to the four international crossings (Queenston-Lewiston, Rainbow, Whirlpool and Peace Bridges) over the Niagara River to New York State.
  2. Paved Roads in Niagara

    Paved and unpaved roads in Niagara … since the use of the automobile appears to be essential to live and work in Niagara, the condition of roads, their maintenance and congestion are of relevance to quality of life and work in Niagara.
  3. Use of Buses and Specialized Transit

    Only 2.5% of those in Niagara report taking public transit to work. Buses were also used for purposes other than work. Bus transit is operated within each municipality and the number of Bus transit is operated within each municipality and there are at total of 44 fixed routes and service...
  4. Introduction to Transportation

     It is important to be able to move from one place to another to be able to work, live, relate, play, volunteer and access services. To have available and accessible means of transportation to get around with ease, at an affordable cost and with low harm to the environment can...