It is an exciting time to live here. Together, we can make Niagara even better!

  1. Income and Earnings in Niagara

    Low Income Measure in Niagara The following table is from the Niagara Region Housing and Homelessness Action Plan (HHAP) Technical Report Table: 2.1 2010 Low Income Measure Number of persons in household Low Income Measure One person 22,160 Two persons...
  1. Traffic Volume and Routes

    Canada-US Border Crossings in Niagara The Niagara River forms a shared border between Canada and the United States. Thus there are 5 border crossings in the Niagara Region, 4 by road and 1 by rail. The road border crossings link...
  2. Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention

    Wait times and availability of affordable and subsidized housing in Niagara Wait times and availability of affordable and subsidized housing in Niagara speaks to the need for transitional housing and demands that must be met. That is, the longer the...
  1. Polls

    Complete the online polls about how you think Niagara is doing for any of the 12 sectors of the Living in Niagara – 2014 report that are of interest to you. The Niagara Research and Planning Council will track the online poll and publish the results, to inform focused planning for a strong, vibrant Niagara.


This report maps indicators of the vitality of the community of Niagara. It identifies significant trends providing insights into issues that make a difference in the lives of Niagara residents. It can be used as:

  • an effective tool to encourage discussion about key areas of importance to quality of life in Niagara;
  • a catalyst for community action; and
  • a basis for evidence-informed planning and decision-making that will strengthen our region.

Applied research will guide solution generation, innovation and community action.