It is an exciting time to live here. Together, we can make Niagara even better!

  1. Introduction to Crime, Safety and Security

    Feeling safe and secure in our homes, communities, vehicles and surroundings helps us to enjoy living in Niagara. Knowing that emergency workers are available to assist citizens in crisis affects our perceptions of safety. Generally speaking, Niagara has low violent...
  2. Sense of Community Belonging

    Sense of community belonging refers to how one identifies with their community, and how it impacts them as a result. It is different than participation in community activities and events. Statistics Canada states that research shows a high correlation of...
  1. Population Level Outcomes

    Note to Reader: Information in this Sector often includes the acronym HNHB LHIN, referring to the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network. Life Expectancy in Niagara Life expectancy in Niagara is the same as that in the rest...
  2. Literacy Levels and Literacy Training

    The Canadian Literacy and Learning Network State of the Literacy and Essential Skills Field (2012) environmental scan describes Literacy in the following way: Literacy is more than decoding words or recognizing symbols. It is the ability to use written and...
  1. Polls

    Complete the online polls about how you think Niagara is doing for any of the 12 sectors of the Living in Niagara – 2014 report that are of interest to you. The Niagara Research and Planning Council will track the online poll and publish the results, to inform focused planning for a strong, vibrant Niagara.


This report maps indicators of the vitality of the community of Niagara. It identifies significant trends providing insights into issues that make a difference in the lives of Niagara residents. It can be used as:

  • an effective tool to encourage discussion about key areas of importance to quality of life in Niagara;
  • a catalyst for community action; and
  • a basis for evidence-informed planning and decision-making that will strengthen our region.

Applied research will guide solution generation, innovation and community action.