Living in Niagara 2020 is here!



Please click on the sector buttons to read an individual Sector Summary report. Sector Indicators, Measures and related information can be found in the Technical Documents below. Watch for updates here, on the Niagara Knowledge Exchange, and in the Niagara Connects E-blast:

Arts, Culture & Heritage
Community Belonging
Community Safety
Economic Prosperity
Health and Wellness
Housing and Shelter
Learning and Education
Recreation and Sports
Transportation & Mobility
Work and Employment

Purpose of the Living in Niagara report

This report provides a snapshot of quality of life in the Niagara-wide community in Ontario. The report combines data, information and front-line community expert opinion, to draw an evidence-informed picture of life in Niagara now; to point to what is emerging; and to identify suggested community action to address issues of common concern.

Evidence presented in the Living in Niagara report is used by people, organizations, institutions, researchers, educators and businesses to inform priority-setting; to make the business case for investment; to support partnerships; and to learn about what’s emerging in the Niagara context.

The Living in Niagara Sectors align with the Social Determinants of Health, which refer to the living conditions individuals experience. These Sectors form the base of both the Living in Niagara report and the Niagara Knowledge Exchange. These integrated tools are facilitated by Niagara Connects, to support focused, holistic planning for a stronger future.

Niagara Connects operates under the umbrella of INCommunities. Together we are working as ‘one hub’, to strengthen how we connect people to services, and support evidence-informed collaboration, innovation and community action toward a stronger Niagara.

It is an exciting time to live here. Together, we can make Niagara even better!

Niagara Connects is a Niagara-wide network of people working together to plan, learn, innovate and lead community action toward a stronger future for Niagara. Niagara Connects engages diverse players to collaboratively build evidence-informed action plans for transformative socio-economic change.