Arts, Culture and Heritage

The presence and creative expressions of the arts, culture and heritage provide vibrancy for the community and an atmosphere of creativity, vitality, diversity and inclusion.

Community Belonging

A community builds what is called social capital when its citizens have a well developed sense of civic responsibility and generosity that is expressed through their voluntarism and involvement in the community.

Crime, Safety and Security

Citizens can fully participate in a community and enjoy their lives when they feel safe and secure in their homes, neighbourhoods, public places or workplaces. We can live more fully when we and our loved ones are not at risk of harm.

Economic Prosperity

The level of poverty, child poverty, low income and homelessness affects the health and well being of individuals, families, regions and society as a whole.


Our environment provides beauty, living space and economic, recreational and tourist potential. It also provides for agriculture, food and nourishment.

Health and Wellness

Access to appropriate and timely primary health care, health promotion, disease and risk prevention, health education and acute care can assist citizens to maintain or restore their health.

Housing and Shelter

The availability of affordable, safe and appropriate housing and shelter in a community has an impact on creating a healthy community and on the well being of its citizens. It is important to have a place to call home where you build a collective history with others.

Learning and Education

A region that offers many opportunities for its citizens to learn and engage in education provides a measure of the health of the area. Work, creativity, prosperity and health are all linked to education and literacy.

People Getting Started

A region or city is enhanced when a new child, a new graduate or a new immigrant makes a start in their community.

Recreation and Sports

Historically, many of Niagara’s sports and recreation clubs and organizations have developed separately. Strategic efforts for coordination, shared funding, access and joint hiring and training could strengthen delivery and further development.

Transportation and Mobility

To have available and accessible means of transportation to get around with ease, at an affordable cost and with low harm to the environment can have a significant impact on positive living in Niagara.

Work and Employment

The sustainability of a community is reliant on the employment of its citizens and putting their talents and human capital into creative and purposeful work.

Summary and Next Steps

Thank you for reading Living in Niagara. We hope you decide to get involved to make things even better for the future.