Living in Niagara 2020

All downloads can be found by clicking here.

Living in Niagara 2011

Living in Niagara – 2011 is available in two versions:
– a 64-page summary document that highlights the research process and report findings; and
– the online version, which provides data sets and links to the original studies and reports on which the report findings are based.

To download a pdf version of the 64-page Living in Niagara-2011 summary document (48 megs), click here.

Individual sections of the summary document are available as follows:

Introductory section (pages 1-18):
– Credits, Table of Contents, Purpose, Description, History of NRAPC and Report Sectors; Overall Research Process; Community Engagement and Capacity Building; Adopting Different Lenses When Reviewing Report Sectors; Rating Sectors of the Report; Overall Opportunities Suggested for Action; Description of the Niagara Region (population and projections; families and households). Click here to download.

Sectors and Indicators (pages 19-55):
(pdf of individual sector pages may be downloaded, as follows)

Summary and Next Steps (pages 56-64):
– Living in Niagara-2011 Next Steps; Niagara Knowledge Exchange; Possibilités Suggérées Pour Le Plan D’action; Living in Niagara Sector Ratings 2008 & 2011; Financial Supporters of this Report.