A region or city is enhanced when a new child, a new graduate or a new immigrant makes a start in their community. How we welcome them, help them to get established and include them and their contributions is a measure of our community’s vitality, inclusiveness and future sustainability and success.


What we are doing well …

In Niagara, as refugees and immigrants come into Canada, they are met by the Newcomers’ Welcome Center and Canada Border Services at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge point of entry. While many continue on to larger urban centers in Ontario and Canada, others get their start in Niagara where they remain temporarily or permanently. New babies get their start in Niagara and they and their parents benefit from the supports that the Early Years programs and day care facilities have to offer with centers throughout Niagara. Each year, new graduates from high school, colleges, trades, apprenticeship programs and universities look for work and opportunities in Niagara and benefit from work shadowing, internships, on-the-job training and mentoring.

Where we can improve …

Immigrants and their families bring diversity and skills to our communities, schools and places of work. Inclusiveness requires our region to develop more of a proactive approach to welcoming and including others, reaching out to get to know the talents of those new to our region and reducing prejudice and misunderstanding. Efforts to recognize prior credentials, to offer language training, settlement services and education need to be more effective and timely. In Niagara, we are challenged to provide opportunities to attract and retain youth so they do not have to leave Niagara for employment.


Overall score: Level 2. Of concern, needs attention.

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