• 12 critical sectors that describe life in Niagara and 142 critical indicators associated with each of those sectors.
  • Niagara as a place to live, learn, work, play and grow.
  • How well we are doing in comparison to provincial and national trends in 12 areas critical to quality of life in this region.

This report is not intended to cover all available information. Rather, it provides a snapshot of Niagara at one point in time. It is available as a summary hard copy document, and in a longer format on the www.nrapc.com website to be read, discussed and used in planning leadership and community action initiatives. Data gathering was conducted by Niagara community leaders and organizations with the assistance of a research team.

Living in Niagara – 2011 highlights fundamental trends affecting our community’s vibrancy and quality of life and was compiled by a team of research
professionals using available data from numerous reliable and respected sources.

The 12 sectors and their indicators were identified, described and quantified with currently available data and research about Niagara. The process attempted
to measure key determinants of a vibrant community, to assist groups and individuals to reflect on the critical indicators of life in our region, better
understand its vitality now, and then focus on action for a better future.

The Niagara Research and Planning Council offers this dynamic document, in the spirit of community capacity-building and collaboration, as a relevant and
vital tool for current and future use. The intent is that citizens and leaders will:

  • reflect on information about Niagara over time compared to fundamental trends provincially, nationally and in other regions in Canada; and then
  • engage in future dialogue about planning and actions for improvement.

Living in Niagara – 2011

This is a status report of Niagara describing twelve sectors that are critical to quality of life in Niagara now and for the future.

It will lead to better-informed decision-making for a stronger Niagara as a place to live, learn, work and grow.

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