Themes emerging from the Living in Niagara – 2017 report for Niagara-wide action to build a stronger future include:

  1. Collaborate to Strengthen Niagara’s Trajectory – Gather around a common
    agenda focused on a vibrant future, by sharing in development of metrics, measurement, common language, commonly-held concerns, and great ideas.
  2. Build True Partnerships – Engaged partners share data, communicate, contribute and are proactive. True partnerships offer opportunities to share expertise and resources; innovatively address complex issues; and contribute to each other’s success.
  3. Data is a Valuable Resource – Support true partnerships by continually asking ourselves how gathering, sharing, analyzing and talking about data can change the way we make decisions about investing resources.
  4. Niagara is Experiencing Growth – Projections show that by 2041, the region’s population will grow by 160,000 people, and the number of jobs will increase by 150,000. Managing this growth will require paying close attention to inclusion and socio-economic equality.
  5. Quality of Jobs – Invest in people and in increasing quality of jobs in Niagara by weaving together data with a common focus on growing Niagara’s talent pool, and offering workers a continuum of opportunities to build toward the next level of employment.
  6. Adult Literacy in the Modern-Day Context – Building a map of Niagara that describes modern-day adult literacy and workplace competencies will inform coordinated planning for increased prosperity.
  7. Equitable Access to Health Care Services – Health equity is being examined through voices of lived experience at the neighbourhood level in Niagara.
  8. Mental Health and Addictions – Mental wellbeing throughout the lifespan continues to emerge as a critical factor across all 12 Living in Niagara Sectors.
  9. See Older People Differently – Just as others do in the population, older people live meaningful lives. Age-Friendly principles of inclusivity apply to everyone in our community.
  10. Systems Integration – Broad systems change is affecting and will continue to influence decision-making and resource allocation at the local level in Niagara.
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