Citizens can fully participate in a community and enjoy their lives when they feel safe and secure in their homes, neighbourhoods, public places or workplaces. We can live more fully when we and our loved ones are not at risk of harm. Rates of crime in an area can affect our personal feelings of safety and security.


What we are doing well …

Property crimes and violent crimes are lower in the Niagara Region than in most similar communities in Ontario. Residents are reporting that they generally feel safe whether at home or out alone. Youth crime is down. No hate crimes have been reported in the Region.

Where we can improve …

While crime rates are down in Niagara and in Canada, any crime reported in a community affects feelings of safety. The rate of police officers per 100,000 population is often used as a measure of safety in a community. Niagara’s rate of police officers per 100,000 populations is well below the province and the nation. Niagara’s crime rate is comparable to many cities in Ontario, except property crime is higher than the Ontario municipal benchmark average in Ontario. Niagara has one of the highest per capita accident fatalities rates in the province. We need to address specific areas of the region where crime and accidents are more prevalent.


Overall score: Level 3. Progress is being made.

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