• Involve interested Niagara stakeholders in the analysis of the data and in the development of improvement action goals for each of the measures as the next phase of this initiative.
  •  Prepare  a communication strategy attached to the initiative and how the public will be engaged.
  • Identify what data is missing and what it will take to gather the data and how it will be done and by whom for future research.
  • Facilitate an inclusive process to involve partners to establish clear, measurable and specific goals for the region related to each indicator and area of concern.
  • Priorize and partner with other existing collaborative efforts in Niagara.
  • Develop meaningful benchmark comparisons to other regions.
  • Track indicators over time to determine the trends and any impact the goals, planning and improvements have on changes.
  • Establish an ongoing way to track indicators and to monitor areas regularly with a  plan to keep the public engaged, educated  and involved.
  • Link this work with the overall Niagara Community Research and Planning Council and plans to connect research and community action partners in the region.
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