Workplace injuries are related to the health conditions of workers. Productivity is related to time lost due to injuries. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario measures Lost-Time Injuries (LTIs) and No Lost-Time Injuries (NLTIs).

WSIB cites Total Injuries as all allowed injury/illness claims by workers (lost-time, no lost-time, and traumatic fatality). WSIB classifies employers according to whether they are Schedule 1 (businesses and industries) or Schedule 2 (eg. provincial government, municipalities, school boards, public library boards, international bridges, railways).

In 2013 in Niagara, there were 1,720 Allowed Lost Time claims for people working for Schedule 1 employers, and 325 for people working for Schedule 2 employers.

Source: WSIB
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WSIB reports that in 2013 in Niagara, the total number of Lost Time Claims per 10,000 Employed Workers was 112.5 compared to an average of 101.0 for the 49 census districts in Ontario reported. In Niagara, the services sector had the highest number among Schedule 1 and 2 claims.

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Source: By the Numbers: 2013 WSIB Statistical Report, page 45
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