Culture includes all the activities, traits, places, events and people who articulate who we are and what we do. Niagara is engaged in Cultural Asset Mapping as a way of presenting information on what cultural assets are in the region that adds to our quality of life. Based on a report by the Region’s Culture Committee to Regional Council (2007),


Niagara has:


117 cultural facilities (including libraries, museums, art galleries, theatres, archives, aboriginal centers, bars and clubs that provide live entertainment and non-traditional venues that regularly exhibit visual arts, theatre, music readings or film);
171 arts and cultural organizations and educational providers, especially, not-for profit organizations (145 entries include theatre, music, aboriginal and ethno cultural organizations, literary and visual arts groups, historic and genealogical societies, municipal cultural and heritage committees, guilds and “Friends” associations, and cultural providers)
405 for profit sector cultural and heritage businesses and industries (cultural businesses and industries in Niagara including graphic designers, book stores, all types of media, commercial theatres and galleries, photography studios, artists studios, architects, art supply shops, music stores, dance studios, movie theatres, web designers, recording studios, publishers, printing studios).
155 cultural festivals and events (aboriginal events, agricultural festivals and fairs, craft events, arts events, music festivals, ethno cultural festivals, special events and celebrations, interpretive programs, walks and tours and studio and garden tours).
1,293 cultural sites have been recorded.
1,490 identified artists.

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