Food security:  Citizens need to have secure access to food. Food bank use by separate individuals went up significantly in 2008-2009 and down considerably in 2009-2010, while still remaining higher than provincial and national use.

Source: Food Banks Canada  2010

[pull_quote align=”right”]“No person should go hungry in our region”[/pull_quote]Like food banks, school nutrition programs can be seen as a response to this urgent need.  In Ontario, approximately 400,000 elementary and secondary school students participate in more than 3,000 breakfast, lunch, and snack programs. Source:  Province of Ontario (2010) “The First Year:  Achievements and Success Indicators.”


Niagara has a long history of school nutrition programs which provide nutritious breakfast/snacks and or lunches to over 8,000 elementary school students in 67 elementary schools annually across Niagara.

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