Civic participation builds the capacity of a community and a nation through input into the decision-making process that shapes policies, activities and laws. One way to exercise civic participation is through engaging in political activities, leadership and voting.

Voter participation in Ontario for the 2008 Federal Election was 61.4% in Canada, compared to 58.8% in 2008 (this number was 58.6% for Ontario). In Niagara in the 2007 provincial election – 51.2 % voted versus  52.8 % inOntario. In the October, 2011provincial election voter participation was at an all time low at 42% for Ontario. The turnout in the municipal election (2006) was also slightly higher in Niagara than in Ontario as well.

Regional Election Voter Turnout

Federal election turnout:  The 2011 federal election saw a rise in voter turnout with an estimated 61.4% compared to 58.8% in 2008. Voter rates have moved considerably down in recent elections inCanada. InNiagara, 67.5% of the eligible voters voted in the 2006 Federal election. This rate was higher than inOntario (66.6%) andCanada (64.7%).

2011 Turnout

2008 Turnout

Voter Turnout

Federal Election

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