Niagara residents have increased the amount they give to charity each year from 2001 to 2006. The median charitable donation per year reached $290 per person in 2006; lower than the $310 Ontario median, but higher than the $250 median giving for all Canadians.


Figure 34 Median Charitable donations 2001-2006


In 2004, 85% of the population aged 15 and over made a financial donation to a charitable or other non-profit organization. Canadians, over 65 gave $490 as the average donation and those 15-24 gave $111. The largest amount of total donations was given to religion (45%), followed by  health organizations (14%), social service organizations (10%), grants, fundraising and volunteer promotion (6%) and hospitals (5%). Those who gave the most to charity tend to be seniors, have lower household incomes, higher education, no children in the household and are religiously active. Source: Statistics Canada, 2004. Catalogue no. 71-542-XIE. GSGVP

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