In 2005, 69.9% in Niagara reported they had a very strong or somewhat strong sense of belonging to their local community, higher than 62.9% in Waterloo Region, 65.5% of those in Ontario and 64.1% in Canada. This higher sense of belonging in Niagara is at the community level, not the regional level.


Figure 38   Percentage of Population Reporting Strong or Somewhat Strong Cense of Community Belonging January to June 2005


In 2003, 91% of those in Ontario reported a somewhat or very strong sense of belonging to Canada; 77% to their province; and 68% to their community. In all provinces, the sense of belonging was lowest at the community level. Those 65 years and over 79% reported they had a strong highest sense of belonging to their community, higher than all other age groups. Source:


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