Civic participation builds the capacity of a community and a nation. One way to exercise civic participation is through engaging in political activities, leadership and voting.


In Niagara, 67.5% of the eligible voters voted in the 2006 Federal election. This rate was higher than in Ontario (66.6%) and Canada (64.7%). The turnout in the municipal election (2006) was also slightly higher in Niagara than in Ontario as well.


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Nationally, 54.6% of those over 15 years of age reported being involved in at least 1 political activity in 2002; men more than women (58.3% to 51.7%). Younger persons reported more involvement (59% of 15-24 year olds), and 39% of those over 65 participated in at least one political activity. Sources: General Social Survey, 2004, Elections Ontario, Elections Canada


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