The Niagara Specialized Transit service was operationalized in 2007. This specialized transit is used mostly for medical reasons (particularly dialysis), but its use for education and work is increasing. Users are often accompanied by their assistive devices and wheelchairs.

Figure 2.4

Niagara Specialized Transit by Month

Figure 2.5


Data on the use of NST for 2010:

  • When comparing ridership over the same period last year, it has increased by approximately 28%.
  • From the first year of operations from January, 2007 to December 31, 2010. The service has provided 13,975 rides.
  • For this period: 296 rides were for employment, 851 rides were for education and 10950 rides were for medical appointments (including dialysis).
  • An analysis of the NST ridership for the previous 12 months indicates that the greatest ridership was from the City of Niagara Falls with 3090 rides, the Town of Fort Erie was second with 2334 rides (17%) and the City of Port Colborne was third with 1093 rides (8%).



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