Cancer rates:

Niagara Region Public Health compiled a report in August, 2011 entitled Niagara Cancer Statistics, 2000-2007 (Excerpt from PHSSC Report – PHD 29-2011).

From 2000 to 2007 there were 9,016 cancer-related deaths inNiagararegion. These figures show the percentage of deaths due to different types of cancers. Over one-quarter (25.2%)of cancer-related deaths were due to lung cancer. Combined, colorectal, female breast, and prostate cancer accounted for another one-quarter of the deaths. All others accounted for the remaining 50%.

Figure 7.9 Cancer mortality in Niagara 200-2007

Figure 7.10 Cancer incidence in Niagara, 2000-2007

From 2000-2007, there were 19,511 newly diagnosed cancer cases in Niagara: prostate cancer (16.1%); lung (14.5%); colorectal (12.7%); and female breast (12.7%).  Just under half (44.0%) were other types of cancers with the highest incidence being the urinary system, cancers of the female genital  system, lymphomas, skin cancer (excluding basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas), and leukemia. Source: Niagara Public Health, 2011



Top 4 cancers: incidence and rates in Niagara:  Trends from 2000-2007.

Figure 7.11 Overall incidence rates for the top 4 cancers in Niagara

Figure 7.12  Overall cancer mortality rates for the top 4 cancer rates in niagara 2000-2007

Source: Cancer Care Ontario-SEER*Stat Release 7 – OCRIS (Fenruary, 2009) released Match, 2009.

Niagara Public Health released a report in the summer of 2011 on 2007 cancer rates in Niagara and they have further data on the incidence, trends and mortality rates from 2000-2007 for each of the top cancers.

Source: Niagara Public Health, 2011.

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