Rates of chronic conditions in 2011:  Rates are decreasing slightly in Niagara for arthritis (17.7% in 2009 compared to 22.2% in 2005), but are higher than the 16.2% rate for Ontario. Niagara rates for diabetes are lower (5.1% compared to 6.1% in Ontario) , but higher for asthma (10.1% to 8.2% in Ontario).  Niagara rates of those living with high blood pressure are equal  at 17.1% to  Ontario. Higher rates of chronic conditions require more ongoing education, treatment and care and partnerships across health care providers. Rates and conditions are predicted to increase as the population ages.

Figure 7.3, 2011 Prevalence (percentage) of Chronic Conditions in Niagara, Ontario 20+ (Age Standardized)

Source: Statistics Canada. 2011. Health Profile. Statistics Canada Catalogue No. 82-228-XWE

The leading cause of hospital admissions for both women and men over 65 years is heart disease, followed by lung cancer for men and cerebrovascular disease for women. Aside from pregnancy and pregnancy related complications, the leading cause of admission to hospital for women under age 65 was affective mood disorders.  The leading cause of admission for men under age 65 was acute myocardial infarction.

Source: Niagara Region: Health Story of Niagara

Currently, over 1800 cardiac catheterization procedures are performed on Niagara residents yearly; all are done in Hamilton.  Median waiting time for outpatient cardiac catheterization for Niagara residents going to Hamilton is 54 days, compared to the provincial average of 25 days. It is anticipated that these wait times will reduce when the new NHS hospital facility is open.  Source: Niagara Health System


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