Commuting to work:  Location of talented workers, in relation to available job opportunities, is an important factor in our region’s employment profile.  Forty-seven per cent of Niagara’s workers travel outside their municipalities, but still work within the region and commute less than 20 km to work. Thirty percent of Niagara’s workforce lives outside the region, and commutes to work in Niagara. Source: NWPB, 3D Report, year p. 17

In 2006, 91,270 of Niagara’s workers lived and worked in the same community; 6,155 lived outside and worked in Niagara; and 20,820 lived in Niagara and worked outside Niagara. The number reporting working from home or at a usual place of work went up 4.4% from 2001 to 2006 in the St. Catharines-Niagara CMA. For those who work outside the home, Niagara residents report they work an average of 5.9 km from home in 2006; 89.9% of these workers use a car to go to work and 2.5 % use public transportation. Source: Statistics Canada, 2006, Community Profiles


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