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Adult Literacy Organizations

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs help adults to develop and apply communication, numeracy, interpersonal and digital skills to achieve their goals. LBS programs serve learners who have goals to successfully transition to employment, postsecondary, apprenticeship, secondary school, and increased independence. This includes learners who may have a range of barriers to learning.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
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Literacy Link Niagara (LLN) coordinates the work of 12 Literacy & Basic Skills programs across Niagara. The 11 programs offer adult students in Niagara many ways to improve their literacy skills, such as one to one tutoring or peer/group work.  LLN promotes internal linking of member agencies to plan and provide information and training, and links externally to the broader community to strengthen understanding of literacy and its relation to significant community issues including employment, health, justice and poverty.

Source: Literacy Link Niagara
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The following 11 organizations administer Literacy and Basic Skills programs in Niagara:

ABC Communautaire is a French adult education centre that teaches French reading, writing, computer and math skills to Francophone adults.

Source: ABC Communautaire
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Collège Boréal offers literacy, numeracy and essential skills services to assist in transitioning to employment, apprenticeship, post-secondary education or independence. They also offer specialized services to the Francophone community.

Source: Collège Boréal
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District School Board of Niagara, as part of their Community Education program, offers a variety of programs for learners of all ages, including credit upgrading, ESL, and literacy, basic skills and employability training.

Source: District School Board of Niagara
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Katkwenyes is a literacy and basic skills upgrading centre dedicated to providing a safe and culturally appropriate environment geared toward English speaking adult learners 19 years and over. This program is offered through the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre.

Source: Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre
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Niagara Catholic District School Board provides responsive literacy instruction for all students. A dedicated team of English as a Second Language (ESL) specialists provide board-wide support for English Language Learners (ELLs) and a highly skilled team of coaches provide ongoing professional learning for teachers.

Source: Niagara Catholic District School Board
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Niagara College offers academic upgrading to those who do not have a high school diploma, completed high school some time ago and need to refresh their skills, or lack specific subjects needed to enter a college program.

Source: Niagara College
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Niagara Regional Literacy Council is a community-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to literacy. Trained volunteer tutors assist adults with reading, writing, numeracy, workplace, computer, and life skills.

Source: Niagara Regional Literacy Council
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The Adult Literacy Council of Greater Fort Erie is a volunteer-driven registered charity that promotes literacy and actively empowers adult learning partnerships for personal enrichment in the Greater Fort Erie community.

Source: Adult Literacy Council of Greater Fort Erie
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The Niagara Regional Native Centre’s Literacy Program is designed to assist anyone who wishes to upgrade their skills to improve their independence, learn computer basics, obtain Secondary School credits, improve job training skills, or further their education.

Source: Niagara Regional Native Centre
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The Niagara West Adult Learning Centre offers skills upgrading and family literacy programs for the residents of Niagara West in Lincoln, Grimsby, and West Lincoln using a community development approach.

Source: Niagara West Adult Learning Centre
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The Port Cares Learning Centre serves adult learnings wanting to improve their literacy and numeracy skills to achieve goals of further education and training, employment, or increased independence. Niagara College offers the Academic and Career Entrance (A.C.E.) certificate program onsite as an equivalent to Grade 12 for admission consideration by any Ontario College or Apprenticeship branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Source: Port Cares
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The above information is also included in the Learning and Education Sector of this report.

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