Workforce Planning

The Niagara Workforce Planning Board (NWPB) is one of 26 similar boards covering four regions in Ontario. These boards are funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development under Employment Ontario.  NWPB’s mandate is to gather intelligence about the supply of labour and the demand side of the local labour market by working with employers to identify and meet their current and emerging skills needs.

Source:  Workforce Planning Ontario and Niagara Workforce Planning Board
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Literacy and Basic Skills Programs

Literacy Link Niagara (LLN) coordinates the work of 11 Literacy & Basic Skills programs across Niagara. The 11 programs offer adult students in Niagara many ways to improve their literacy skills, such as one to one tutoring or peer/group work.  LLN promotes internal linking of member agencies to plan and provide information and training, and links externally to the broader community to strengthen understanding of literacy and its relation to significant community issues including employment, health, justice and poverty.

Source: Literacy Link Niagara
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Ontario Literacy Association Niagara (OLAN) is a professional organization devoted to enhancing the language and literacy experiences of individuals across the life span.  In May, 2015 OLAN hosted a Spring into Reading Festival in Niagara Falls, for children in preschool through grade 6.  In April of 2016 the association hosted a Celebrate Literacy event at Brock University, aimed at enriching teachers’ language instruction and the literacy skills of local learners.

Source:  Ontario Literacy Association Niagara (OLAN)
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Niagara Prosperity Initiative Investment

Between 2008 and 2016, of the 318 neighbourhood-based projects contracted out to 83 different agencies by Niagara Region’s Niagara Prosperity Initiative (NPI), over $4.8 million, or just over 40% of funds invested supported child/youth education programs, back-to-school programs, and development of job-specific skills.

Niagara Prosperity Initiative by Project Type

Source: Literacy Link Niagara, Niagara Employment Network, Niagara Prosperity Initiative and the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network – presented by Marc Todd, Niagara Region Community Services
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