Waiting for cancer diagnosis and surgery can affect health, stress levels and treatment outcomes.


  • Our wait times from January to March of 2008 are notably lower than the province for surgeries for breast cancer, lung cancers, head and neck cancers and thyroid and endocrine cancers.
  •  Our wait times are higher than the province for prostate cancer and liver and pancreatic cancers, and well above the standard that has been set for 84 days for cancer surgery waits.
  • Our wait times for bypass surgery and angioplasty are considerably lower than the standard. Our wait times for joint hip replacement are much lower than the province and slightly lower for joint hip replacement. Our wait times for diagnostic imaging are on par with the province.
  • Surgery for prostrate cancer, head and neck cancers and liver and pancreatic cancers are now close to a 2 and 3 month wait (89 days and 110 days respectively).



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