The new 2011 Census was conducted in May of 2011 and data will be forthcoming. In Niagara, there is a decline in the number of people between the ages of 25 to 44. That age group makes up 24.5 % of the total population today (26.5% in 2005). This age group is the main source of renters and first time buyers. As they get older, income grows and family situations change and they are likely to upgrade and become repeat buyers. The level of new home construction and resale activity is limited by the slow rate of population growth, specifically of the 18 to 24 and 25 to 44 age groups. Source: CMHC.  According to the last Census (2006), there were 156,465 households in Niagara, of which 116,730 were owners and 39,735 were renters. A total of 382,825 reported living in private households (331,505 lived in family households, 51,320 in non-family households and 41,840 were living alone). The average household was 2.4 persons compared to 2.5 in Canada.

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