Subsidized Housing in Niagara:  Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) owns 2,636 affordable housing units (504 townhouses, 350 single and semi-detached houses, 9 high rises and 26 low rises) across 11 of 12 municipalities in Niagara. NRH also provides support and legislative direction to 67 non-profit and co-operative housing providers in Niagara and administers the Rent Supplement and Housing Allowance programs, which partner with more than 126 landlords to provide affordable housing in private rental properties. As a result of this mix of programs, tenants have a wider variety of homes and places to live in Niagara.

Wait lists and times in Niagara:  According to the NRH Wait List in January 2011, there were 5,578 households on the waiting list for affordable housing in Niagara.  This figure represents an increase of 20.3% over the January 2010 number of 4,611 (compared to 7.4% provincially).  From January of 2009 to 2011, there has been an increase of 1,296 households or a 30.6% increase (compared to 17.7% provincially).

Source:  NRH Report -Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s (ONPHA) Waiting List Survey 2011 – Fearnside (review) and Beckwith (recommendations). The 5,578 households on a waiting list in Niagara was higher than larger communities such as Hamilton (5,364) and London (4,037). Source:  Waiting Lists Map 2011 (ONPHA) and Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Estimated wait times to find affordable housing for specific housing in 2010:

1 bedroom – 8.75 years in Welland, 8 years in St. Catharines, and 8 years in Niagara Falls

2 bedrooms – 2.5 years in Welland, 2.5 years in St. Catharines, and 2.5 years in Niagara Falls.

3 bedrooms – 2.5 years in Welland, 2.5 years in St. Catharines, and 2.25 years in Niagara Falls.

Source:  For data on other municipalities and wait times for seniors over 55 contact

Wait times in Niagara have increased over 2009, especially in the 1-bedroom category, and this was attributed in part to the economic downturn at that time.

Source:  NRH Report-Centralized Wait List – Increase in Wait Times.

In Niagara, approximately 20% of those on the waiting list for social housing are placed annually. This table indicates a breakdown of some of the specific target groups and reasons for priority need as of January, 2011.

Table 5.1.

Seniors (55+) 1991
No dependents (single, non senior) 1735
With dependents (families) 1852
Total number of households 5578
The 5578 figure includes:
Special priority 74
Health & safety priority 93
Homeless priority 582

Source: NRH Housing Access Supervisor

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