The nature of crime and crime investigation is changing and becoming more complex: 

Although crime rates in Niagara have decreased, the length of investigations has increased. Greater rules, guidelines, and areas of judicial process all increase the amount of time that is dedicated to investigations. Because the definitions and social awareness related to domestic violence have changed, there is an increase in the reporting of domestic violence-related crimes.  Technological crimes, including those on the internet have seen a rise in the number of related crimes being committed and investigated.

“The demands of policing in the 21st Century are complex and ever changing. In the past ten years we have seen an overall reduction in less serious crime (thefts, break and enters, theft from vehicles, mischief, property damage etc.), but a significant increase in complex crimes such as marihuana grow-ops, joint forces guns and prescription drug dealing, robberies, domestic violence and child pornography and internet luring. While these crime are fewer in number than less serious crimes, they require a significant amount of investigative resources and expertise dedicated to keep pace with their growth.”

Source: Dr. Paul Divers, NRPS Corporate Analyst, 2011

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