Although Canadians make up 0.5% of the population in the world, our share of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) is estimated to be 2%. The increase in total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada (25%) outpaced population growth (17%) from 1990 to 2005. Emissions rose from 7.6% per person in 1990-2005 to levels of 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per person. Source: GHGE per capita Environment Canada’s, National Inventory Report 1990-2004.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a leading greenhouse gas. GHGE gas emissions from automobiles emitted an average 2.39 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent according to Transport Canada. Ontario had one of the highest rates of emissions, behind the province of Alberta. While GHGE data for Niagara are not available at the time of writing, our area attracts 13.4 million tourists per year, 90% travel by car and the Niagara population reports a high use of automobiles (89.9%) and a low use of public transit (2.5%) to get to work. These trends add to the GHGE levels in Niagara.


Figure 4  Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Region, 1990 to 2005



Source: Environment Canada, statistics Canada and Health Canada. Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators 2007. Ottawa, Statistics Canada, 210

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