• Freshwater samples collected from 2003-2004 from 359 water quality monitoring stations in southern Canada and 36 locations in northern Canada found freshwater was considered good or excellent in 44% of the southern sites and 56% of northern sites.
• Fewer than 5% of the southern sites and none of the northern sites reported poor water quality.
• In 2006, the Great Lakes were monitored and freshwater quality was good or excellent for Lake Superior, Huron, Georgian Bay and eastern Lake Erie. However, the water quality was reported to be fair for central Lake Erie and only marginal for western Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, the two lakes surrounding Niagara.
• In 2006 there were 2 community level Boil Water Advisories issued by Public Health; one in a portion of the Township of Wainfleet and the other issued for a limited area of Fort Erie (Niagara Watershed Report Card, 2006).

Source: http://www4.hrsdc.gc.ca/indicator.jsp?lang=en&indicatorid=63
Source: Environment Canada, statistics Canada and Health Canada. Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators 2007. Ottawa, Statistics Canada, 21007 (Cat. No. 16-251-XIE

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