We need fresh water in Niagara for drinking and household, agricultural, industrial and recreational uses. Approximately 10% of water used is for residential use in Canada.


Niagara Region’s total water demand decreased from 481 litres per capita per day in 2005 to 424 litres per capita, per day in 2006. Environment Canada’s calculation of an average Canadian daily domestic use is 343 litres per person and Niagara is well above this.


The Municipal Water and Wastewater Survey was used in 2004 to monitor the total average daily residential water used. In Niagara, the residential water use fluctuated between 1991 and 2004: falling from 341 litres per capita in 1991 to 327 litres in 1996; levels spiked in 1999 to 343 litres per capita; fell to 335 litres in 2001; and went down again to 329 litres in 2004.

Source: www.caobenchmarking.ca/


According to the OECD, Canada ranks 28th among 29 nations in the world in terms of per capita water consumption. Only the USA uses more water than Canadians. In terms of total water consumption ,Canada is 26th of 29 OECD nations. We have increased by 25.7% since 1980.

Source: http://www.environmentalindicators,com/htdoes/indicators/6wate.htm


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